T5 lighting systems for Growing Weed Indoors

February 2, 2012
Can i Grow Weed Indoors with a t5 lighting system? find out more at http://growingweedindoorshq.com

Growing Weed Indoors is becoming more and more popular jump on board and get legal today


Transplanting your clones

January 28, 2012
Growth development can be tricky sometimes especially when Growing Weed Indoors

When should i transplant my clones i am currently on day 17 my clones are in a tray with a humidity dome

A passenger on a Jet Blue flight decides to smoke Marijuana

January 25, 2012
Everything you need to know about Growing Weed Indoors so you can be in charge of your medicine

With the feds cracking down on legal medical marijuana operations across the country, the day when patients are legally allowed to smoke marijuana on a plane is certainly a long way off.

Dispensaries banned in California

January 23, 2012
Learn all you can about Growing Weed Indoors if this passes it may very well be your only means in obtaining your medicine.

If you're a California medical marijuana patient and don't grow your own medication, you may be in trouble in as little as a few months; just see what the Supreme Court is leaning towards.